Ash Creek Reservoir

Dry Creek Bed Looking towards the Reservoir   by Staff Photographer   (june 2012)

Directions:  Take exit 36 of I-15 about 30 miles north of St. George or about 24 miles south of Cedar City.  The Reservoir is right next to the freeway.

Description:  Because irrigation water is taken from Ash Creek during the the crop season, the creek and reservoir are dry during the summer months.

Specialty Birds:  Indigo Bunting, Northern Waterthrush

     eBird Data:   | Ash Creek ReservoirToquerville -- Ash Creek @ West Field Rd |

  Coordinates:  37.4111, -113.2358, Altitude: 4728 feet

Creek Bed from the Bridge   by Staff Photographer   (june 2012)

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