Meadows East of Woodland  by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

Directions:  From Francis, go east on UT 35 about 5 miles to the small town of Woodland along the Provo River.

Description: Woodland is a small town located in a valley with pastures and  meadows.  The Provo River running along the main road (UT 35) and is lined with large cottonwood trees. 
     The Lower River Road goes west from Woodland through a three-miles stretch with a tree-and-bush-cover slope on the north and farmland, marshes and wet pastures on the south  and connects to State Road 32 just west of Francis.  (The road coming off of SR 32 at "mile post 9.8" where a steep hill leads to Francis from the west).

Birding: You can bird along the river as you drive through on the main road.  From the smaller roads you can scan the pastures and meadows.  You can also check the thick vegetation on the foothills all around the valley.  The Lower River Road provides a good variety of habitats for birds.

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The Hill Descending into Woodland from the Northwest  by Staff Photographer    ©July 2012


                            Lower River Road, West of Woodland  by Staff Photographer    ©July 2012