Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch Mountain State Park    by Kathy Donnell    ©Kathy Donnell

Directions:  Go west on Main St. in Midway to 200 West (stop sign) and turn right onto SR 272 which turns left on 200 North and right onto 700 West or Homestead Dr.  Go about 1.3 miles passing the Homestead and Zermatt Resorts and curving left to come to the Wasatch Mountain State Park Visitor Center.

Description: The pond near the visitor is a good place to check for waterfowl especially in the winter.  You can also proceed further down Homestead Drive (becomes Snake Creek Canyon Rd.) to check some ponds along the golf course the last and largest of which is about 1/2 miles down the road.  You can also bird along Warm Spring Dr. (780 West) which goes on the east side of the main pond.  In about 1/2 mile turn right onto Pine Canyon Rd. and go about 1/4 of a mile to the top of the hill where you can check out the warm springs on your right.  (Make sure you heed the "Private Property" signs in that area).

Specialty Birds:  (summer) Wilson's Phalarope   (winter) Wood Duck, Greater Scaup, Ring-necked Duck, Greater White-fronted Goose

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Wasatch Mountain State Park Visitor Center    by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012

Main Pond Near Visitor Center   by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012

On Warm Spring Dr. East of Main Pond   by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012

Just Above Mill Flat    by Kathy Donnell    ©Kathy Donnell