Wallsburg and Main Canyon

Spring Creek Park (100 West Center in Wallsburg)   by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012

Directions:  From US 189 (between Provo and Heber) take the road to Wallsburg on the southeast arm of Deer Creek Reservoir near Deer Creek State Park.  Wallsburg is about 3 miles away and Main Canyon is about 6 miles down the road.

Description: The road to Wallsburg goes through a variety of fields, pasturelands, and farms. In the small town of Wallsburg there's a small park "Spring Creek" on 100 West Center which is good to check on your way to or from Main Canyon which is about 3 miles down the road on the other side of town. (continue west on Center Street which leads back onto the Main Canyon Road leading out of town).

Specialty Birds:  Lewis's Woodpecker, Wild Turkey

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Pull-off by Main Creek in Main Canyon   by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012

Main Canyon Road   by Staff Photographer    ©September 2012