River Lane / Sandy Beach

Submerged Sandy Beach    by Staff Photographer    ŠUtah Birds (2007)

Directions:   From the southern-most Springville Exit of I-15  (#260, 400 South), Go west on SR 77 (4000 S. Utah Co.) and drive about 4 miles to a T-junction. Turn right onto 4400 South and then in about .2 miles turn right onto River Lane.  Follow the paved road for about a mile (there will be a couple of curves and a left and right turn), until you come face on to a gate where a dirt road takes off to the left. Take this dirt road and go about .2 miles to where you come to the Spanish Fork River.  You can bird along this road for about .8 of a mile to the Sandy Beach area.

Suggestions: As soon as you turn onto River Lane have your binocs ready to see some nice birds in the fields along this paved part of River Lane.  When you get to the dirt road along the river, you can stop and walk along the tree-lined road or take some rougher side roads that go toward the lake. You can stop several times as you drive down the road if you don't want to walk the almost 1 mile distance in one shot.  At the end of the road, you can check the lake and the beaches for species that prefer these environs.

Birding:  The road along the Spanish Fork River is very good for migrating warblers and vireos during spring and fall.  In the spring and summer, you might also see Common Nighthawks flying or in the branches over the road, Blue Grosbeaks, Great Horned or sometimes Barn Owls, swallows and sometimes swifts as well as a good variety of other more usual birds.  At the Sandy Beach area you can see lake birds like terns, grebes, gulls, as well as  shorebirds when the lake is low enough to provide mud flats.

Rare Birds:  Black Tern, Vaux's Swift, Red-eyed Vireo, Black-and-white, Chestnut-sided, Tennessee and Nashville Warblers, Northern Parula, Blue Grosbeak, Rose-breasted Grosbeak

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Nearby:  Swede Lane, 4000 West, Benjamin Slough



                          Spanish Fork River along River Lane   
                        by Staff Photographer    ŠUtah Birds (2007)


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