Lower Provo River Walking Tour

Lower Provo River Parkway Area Map

Submitted by Robin Tuck

Description: The lower "Provo River Parkway" (see map above) provides public access to the natural areas along the Provo River. This particular area is a 2 mile improved trail between Utah Lake State Park and Geneva Road. There is parking at both ends, Provo Harbor (N 40 14.316' W 111 43.880') and Geneva Road (N 40 14.296' W 111 41.716') and two places between, N 40 14.316' W 111 43.323' and N 40 14.394' W 111 42.683'.

Directions: To reach the parkway from I-15, take the West Center Street off ramp, exit 265B at Provo Utah, to Utah Lake State Park, about 2 miles. Cross the bridge over the Provo River where you will find parking immediately on the right side of the road. Look for a colony of Cliff Swallows under the bridge in the spring and summer. You will also find other swallows in the vicinity: Bank Swallow, Northern Rough-wing Swallow, Tree Swallow and Violet Green Swallow. To continue, do not enter the park, but turn right about 100 feet past the bridge and you will come to another parking area on the right. From this parking lot you can take the parkway trail. Watch and listen for the Belted Kingfisher and Song Sparrow. By continuing on the street, Harbor Drive, you will find each of the two parking areas on the river’s edge. By following Harbor Drive you will return to Geneva Road. Turn Right on Geneva Road and drive 3 blocks where you will come to a bridge over the Provo River with a parking lot on the right side. At the bridge on Geneva Road, look for Barn Swallows.

With the above information, one can work the parkway from either end or from either of the two parking areas.

This 2 mile part of the parkway is particularly good birding because it is a fly-over area between Provo Bay and feeding areas.

There are also pastures and wetlands on the side away from the river. Over a years period, more than 70 species of birds have been recorded on this pleasant 2 mile walk.

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