Leidy Peak

Leidy Peak   by Jack Binch    ©Jack Binch  (Jul 2010)

Description: This is a high-elevation birding area is easily reached by a road which climbs to about 11,000 feet ending in a trailhead and camping area.  The nearby north slope of Leidy Peak provides probably the most accessible place to find White-tailed Ptarmigan in Utah.

Directions: East approach: From about 21 miles north of Vernal on US-191, turn west on FR-018 (The Red Cloud Loop Road).  It's about 10 miles to the Oaks Park road (FR-024) and another 5 miles to the junction of FR-043.  At the junction with FR-043 take the "Hacking Lake" road.  The trailhead is about just beyond Hacking Lake.  (The total distance from US-191 is about 24 miles).
     South approach:  You can also connect into the "Red Cloud Loop Road" (FR-018) by going north on 2500 West in Maeser (west of Vernal) which is paved for about 10 miles before becoming FR-044 and connects with FR-018 (Red Cloud Loop Road) after about 8 miles or so.  (The junction with FR-018 is about 3 miles south of Oaks Park Reservoir road (FR-024). See instructions above).

Specialty Birds: White-tailed Ptarmigan, Red Crossbill, Black Rosy-Finch

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(Field Trip Report - 7 Aug 2004)

From Leidy Peak   by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody  (Aug 2004)

Birders at Leidy Peak   by Jim Bailey    ©Jim Bailey  (Aug 2004)