Harker Canyon

Harker Canyon    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

Description: The canyon road is very rocky and would require a high-clearance vehicle to get very far up the canyon. In the lower part of the canyon, there are numerous "skeletons" of trees as a result of a 1994 fire.  Higher up there is a nice riparian habitat along a small stream, with stands of cottonwood and aspen trees.

Directions:  Just south of the bend of Highway 36 in Vernon, take the dirt road signed for Benmore.  Go about 4 miles (south) until you get to a "T" in the road at Benmore (a couple of buildings -- don't expect too much)..  Turn right (there's a sign indicating the direction to  Bennion Creek and Harker Canyon).  Go about 2 miles passing one cattle guard and turn left just before the second cattle guard.  After traveling 2 miles on this road,  you'll be at the mount of  the canyon.

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