Wellsville Ridge

Hawkwatch Ridge Facing North   by Lyle Bingham   ŠLyle Bingham (2008)

Directions:  Use Deep Canyon trail, which can be found by following the dirt road extension of 3rd North in Mendon. Once on top, walk north on the west ridge about ˝ mile, find a high nook to sit in, and face north for hawk watching.

Description: Although breezy and chilly in the fall this is a good place for migratory hawk and eagle watching from late August until November. (strenuous hike, 7.0 miles form downtown Logan)

Birds: Gray-crowned Rosy Finches and Rock Wrens are also a possibility on the barren, rocky slopes.

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Hawkwatchers  by Lyle Bingham   ŠLyle Bingham (2008)


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