Smithfield Cemetery

Smithfield Cemetery   by Lyle Bingham   ŠLyle Bingham (2008)

Directions: Take US 91 (Main Street) north out of Logan approximately 7.5 miles. In Smithfield, turn east (right) on Center Street. Drive .4 miles to the cemetery.

Description:  Smithfield Cemetery is a fairly open location surrounded by a residential neighborhood. Mature evergreens dominate the cemetery, including spruce, fir, cedar, and juniper.

Birding: Be very quiet and use your ears, especially in the winter. Notice the mature junipers and look for species like robins, solitaires, and waxwings that might be feeding on juniper berries. Don't overlook the apple and other fruit trees in backyards surrounding the cemetery. Watch the very tops of spruces and firs for members of the finch family. Listen very carefully for the high-pitched call of Brown Creepers and Golden-crowned Kinglets; they may be practically invisible high in the foliage or on the tree trunks.

Birds: Chickadees, kinglets, creepers, waxwings, solitaires, flickers, crossbills.

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Nearby birding places:  
     - Mack Park is within a few blocks.
     - Smithfield Canyon can be accessed by going east on Canyon Road.


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