Meridian Road and McMurdy Hollow
"Paradise Loop"

Hyrum Dam   by Jim Lofthouse   ŠJim Lofthouse

(submitted by Jim Lofthouse)

Description:  Meridian Road, as roads go, is rather short. You can access the north end of it from Highway 101 and 2400 West. The South end ends in McMurdy Hollow. The road lies on the Salt Lake Meridian, hence the name. It is 2400 West, numbered from Main and Center in Logan.

The area has wetlands, ponds, riparian habitat, The Little Bear River, agricultural lands, sagebrush, mountain meadows and the lake at Hyrum Dam. Due to the diversity of habitat along this loop, the possibilities are quite numerous, depending on the season.

Directions:  [UT 101 goes east towards Hyrum from US 89/91 just northeast of Wellsville, at the light.] Beginning at Hwy 101and 2400 West go South. You will cross over the little Bear River, then through some agriculture lands, and come to the Mt Sterling road at 6600 South. If you turn left here you will soon be at the Hyrum Dam. Continue on south and you will go up a good incline to the summit where there is a grand panorama of the valley. Continue on down the other side, and now you are in McMurdy Hollow. Go east here and you will cross the Little Bear River, and come to Paradise. If you went west instead, you would be on the Pisguah road and eventually come out just below the summit of Wellsville Canyon. Don't do this unless it is dry. The road is bad muddy if wet. When you get to Paradise you can go North on 300 West and take the field road to Hyrum and the Hyrum Dam.

If you want to access this loop from Hyrum Dam, cross over the dam on the west end of the lake and follow the Mt Sterling road to 2400 W and turn South.

To get on McMurdy Hollow road from Paradise, go West on 8700 South. Paradise streets are also numbered from Main and Center in Logan.

Some bird possibilities: (Spring) House Wren, Sandhill Crane, Lazuli Bunting, Brewers Blackbird, Black-headed Grosbeak, Bullock's Oriole, Meadow Lark, Yellow Warbler, Cedar Waxwing, Western Kingbird, Great Horned Owl, Chickadee, hawks, pheasants, water birds

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Little Bear River   by Jim Lofthouse   ŠJim Lofthouse


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