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Our Sign-up form is under attack!

Since the "Email List Sign-up  Form" was struck by a malicious script,
Please send your request to the email address below using
the following steps:

1. Use the email account that you want signed up on the list(s).
2. Copy the section below and paste it in the body of your email
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Statewide Lists:
  ___  State Hotline (for rare bird sightings)
  ___  State Chatline ("Bird Talk" - for statewide discussion)

Local Lists:
  ___    Bridgerland (for Northern Utah and the Bridgerland Audubon)
  ___    Moab Bird Club (for Southeastern Utah and the Moab Bird Club)
  ___    Red Cliffs (for Southwest Utah and the Red Cliffs Audubon)
  ___    Utah Valley (for Central Utah and the Utah County Birders)
  ___    Salt Lake Valley (for the Salt Valley and the Salt Lake Audubon)
  ___    Top of Utah (for Northern Utah and the Bridgerland Audubon)


  (For Northeastern Utah Birding and Utah Birders lists, contact those organizations).

Please send the request from the email account you'd like to have on the lists you've selected.

Thank you!