Instant Alert System


Receiving Instant Alerts on your cell phone

As soon as someone posts a rare bird on the "Birdnet" you can get a text message on your cell phone. This may come in handy if you are away from your computer or out in the field chasing birds when someone sends in a message about a rare bird sighting.  You can even send a text message from your cell phone when you find a rare bird so it gets out instantly to other birders on the "Birdnet." You must be able to use the text feature on your cell phone.

To subscribe just send a text message to

To unsubscribe send a text message to

(This may not work for all providers but you can check with them to see how or if it can be done)


Example of a phone number as an email address:
Some providers (like Verizon) make "text-to-email" easy by making the email addresses a 10-digit phone #, followed by @"domain name" (for example:

Send but not receive:
If you want to be able to send messages from your cell phone to the Birdnet but do not want to receive the messages, you can set your "listserv options" to "no mail" and that will do it (just like regular listserv accounts).  If you would like help doing this contact the webmaster. (, who can take care of this very easily.


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