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 Yellow-headed Blackbird - Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus

Name Roots: (Gr. xanthos, "yellow"; cephalos, "head")

In Utah:   
characteristic behaviors:
Nests in a reeds at a height of 0.5-3 feet, in a cup nest. This species is a rare cowbird host. This species is an omnivore: ground forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in wetlands and wet meadow habitats.

by Rick Bassett

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How to find: This blackbird is a common summer and rare winter resident where it competes with Red-winged Blackbirds for nesting territories in cattail marshes. Easily identified by its striking yellow head and white wing patches it can also be located by its song which has been characterized as the sound made by the opening of a rusty gate. In Utah County look for it around the margins of Utah Lake. After nesting season it can be found mixed together in flocks of other blackbirds as it forages in fields and barnyards.
~ Merrill Webb

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