Utah Bird Profile
 Western Bluebird - Sialia mexicana

Name Roots: (Gr. sialis, "a kind of bird" - for Mexico)

In Utah:

by Cheryl Peterson

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests in a snag at a height of 2-50? feet, in a cavity nest. This species is a rare cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an insectivore: ground gleaner. During the non-breeding seasons this species is an omnivore: lower-canopy forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in ponderosa pine and pinyon-juniper habitats.
How to find: It doesnít venture north of the central part of the state very often, so letís list a few places down south where this bird can be found. During the winter it can usually be found along the Beaver Dam Wash where it feeds on the mistletoe in the acacia trees. During Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) I have seen it commonly in the Grafton and Rockville areas as well as in Zion National Park. During the summer they arenít as gregarious and are more difficult to locate, but look for them in oak savannas bordered by agricultural land such as in the area between Zion and Mount Carmel Junction, and from Kanab north on Highway 89 through Garfield County and over to Bryce Canyon National Park.   ~ Merrill Webb

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