Utah Bird Profile
 Snow Goose - Chen caerulescens

Name Roots: (Gr. chen, "goose" - L. caerulescens, "bluish")

In Utah:
Regular spring and fall migrant through Utah.

by Deedee O'brien

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characteristic behaviors:
The migrating geese feed on waste grains in cultivated fields where they over night.  In the morning they commonly congregate in in large numbers in freshwater lakes.
   They nest in northern Canada and Greenland in large concentrated colonies close to the sea.
Habitat: Marshes and fields near lakes.
How to find:

In spring from late February to mid April large flocks can come to freshwater lakes especially around the the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake and Gunnison Bend Reservoir and Clear Lake near Delta.  (See the "Snow Goose Festival"). 
   In fall they show up in late September until it freezes up.

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