Utah Bird Profile
Common Loon - Gavia immer

Name roots: (D. or S. lom, "lame")  (L. gavia, "gull"; E. immer, "diver")

In Utah: Fairly common transient, uncommon winter (2004) 

by Shelly Spencer

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characteristic behaviors:
Is not know to nest in Utah.  Feeds on aquatic animals.  Dives to depths of up to 200 feet and remains under from 8 to 60 seconds. Has a slower wing beat then Red-throated or Pacific Loons.
Habitat: Large bodies of water.
How to find: Found throughout the state, but more commonly in northern Utah.  Has been seen in every month of the year.  Some times has been seen in groups of a hundred or more.

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Occr. FT,UW


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