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 Bobolink - Dolichonyx oryzivorus

Name Roots: (Gr. dolichos, "long"; onux, "claw" - Gr. & L. oryza, "rice"; L. voro, "devour")

In Utah: Bobolink numbers have declined since the 1960s, based on Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data. The cutting of hay early in the summer has devastated some Bobolink populations, as the early haying destroys the nest with its young.   ~ Merrill Webb

Article by Carol Nelson

by Paul Higgins

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Nests on the ground in a cup nest. This species is an uncommon cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an omnivore: ground forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in wet meadow and agriculture habitats.
How to find: The distinctive, bubbling, rapid song is one of the best ways to locate this bird as it sings while flying over grassy meadows and hayfields. One of the most consistent locales for finding this bird in Utah County has been the wet meadows north of Goshen. In Wasatch County the damp meadows north of Heber City and south of Midway have usually yielded 5-10 pair of breeding birds. Begin looking for them in May when they return from their 12,500 mile roundtrip from wintering in South America.
~ Merrill Webb 

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