Utah Bird Profile
American Kestrel -  Falco sparverius

Name roots: (L. falx, "sickle" - talons & beak)  (L. sparverius, "pertaining to a sparrow")

In Utah: A common permanent resident of the state

by Jim Huddle

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characteristic behavior:

Nests in a snag or in a cliff at a height of 12-80 feet, in a natural cavities and woodpecker holes, providing no nesting materials.  Lays 3-7 pink eggs with dark markings. This species is not a cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an insectivore: air hawker; carnivore: ground hawker.. During the non-breeding seasons this species is a carnivore: ground hawker.
    Dives from a perch or hover to catch mice, voles or birds.  Also eats insects. Often bobs tail as it perches.

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Habitat: Rural and urban areas near open fields -- very widespread.
    Breeds in Utah in lowland riparian and agriculture habitats.
How to find: Look on wires or branches overlooking open field and orchards.  They may also be hovering over the fields.

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