Utah Bird Profile
Abert's Towhee - Melozone aberti

Name roots: (Towhee, sound of call note of other towhees)
- E. aberti, for Major James W. Abert, a bird collector - named by Baird)

In Utah: Uncommon permanent resident of southwestern Utah (2004) 
by Paul Higgins

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characteristic behaviors:
Lays 3 or 4 pale blue-green or cream white eggs patterned with black,  in a bush or tree, close to or on the ground.
    Nests in a shrub or in a tree at a height of up to 30 feet, in a cup nest. This species is a common cowbird host. This species is an omnivore: ground forager.
Habitat: Cottonwood, willow, and mesquite thickets.  Sometimes farm and urban areas.
    Breeds in Utah in lowland riparian habitat.
How to find: Found in thickets around streams in the Virgin River Valley of Washington County.

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