Wade Reed
West Jordan, Utah

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39 years old male, married with 3 beautiful girls. I'm a nature lover in all aspects, from mountain streams to wildlife. Avid hiker and backpacker. I picked up photography about 15 years ago, I love to travel and see our great National Parks all over our country. I have an uncanny gift, that is that wildlife always have no fear of me, and will come right up to me no matter how big or small, from a moose to the tiniest of chipmunks or chickadees. They just show up to say hi, and pose for the camera every once in a while.

Personal Quote: Nature is not an adversary to conquer and destroy, but a storehouse of infinite wisdom and beauty. - I try to capture those raw emotions through my photography.

Equipment: Canon XT and XTi - Lenses from a Tamron 28-300mm to the 200-500mm Tamron
Website: http://community.webshots.com/user/ibtakinpics
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