Tuula Rose

Provo, Utah

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I started birding in 1996 and got involved with Utah County Birders. In 1999 I got a Sony Handycam digital video camera with a 20X optical  zoom, which gets me close enough to get pretty good live shots of birds and their behaviour. The added bonus of course is to get the songs and
other sounds on record also. When our Webmaster Milton started collecting pictures, I captured and downloaded a few from the video to fill in some gaps in the species list for Utah. The technology of digital photography has taken leaps and bounds since then and the limited resolution of my pictures makes them pale in comparison to the glorious images that now appear on our web pages. I thoroughly enjoy looking at birds through my binoculars and through the lenses of all the good photographers who contribute while I am dreaming of updating my arsenal. One of these

Equipment: Sony Handycam digital video camera with a 20X optical zoom,
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