Steve Christensen
Price, Utah

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I have been doing amateur wildlife photography for 35 years, but only two years ago broke down and went digital. Although a long-time hold out for film, I find the advantages of digital far outweigh the disadvantages. Being a little ADD, I usually find myself in the stalker mode of wildlife photography. While being an avid bird watcher for most of the last 35 years, I am much more interested in good photographs than in lists. Lists seem a lot like work.

I live in Price but spend a lot of time in Wayne County. I love Bicknell Bottoms, Spring Creek, and Capitol Reef NP. While on the trail of a bird, I can easily be distracted to take a photo of a wildflower, varmint, deer, or my dog. I freely admit my identification skills could be much better and I am downright horrible at sound identification.

I use Nikon cameras with a 300mm lens, a 70-200mm lens, and teleconverters.


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