Steve Carr
Holladay, Utah

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I have been birding since 1949, when my Assistant Scoutmaster several times took our troop out for the Bird Study merit badge, which was required to become an Eagle Scout back in those days.  It was so much fun seeing the many different kinds of birds in parks, on mountains, at Farmington Bay, etc., that it stuck with me, and I've been birding ever since.  Since I retired from my pediatric medical practice, I've birded heavily in the US, and actually have birded on all seven continents.

I'm not really a serious bird photographer, although I do enjoy taking bird pictures.  Half the time when I'm carrying a camera, I'm so engrossed with studying and evaluating a bird that I forget to photograph it.

My main camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 with a 1.4 extension.  I occasionally use a Konica/Minolta DG-5D with an AF Reflex 500 lens but I don't like the background halos that it produces.  I also have a Canon Powershot S230 that I sometimes use for digiscoping with my Leica APO-Televid 77 spotting scope.

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