Rob in the desert

Robert Hammer
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Background: I was born and raised in Salt Lake and Davis Counties, and currently live in Salt Lake City. I work as a financial analytics manager for a local healthcare provider.
I took up birding in my mid-40s, around 2010, frequenting several popular locations along the Wasatch Front. More recently, my photographic interests have broadened to focus on less likely locations, primarily remote desert mountain areas that have been reserved since the early 1970s for wild horse populations. I recently launched a non-commercial web site to document my visits to these little-known and rarely visited areas, and regularly include photos of birds I meet while tracking mustangs in these locations. These photos, along with general descriptions of and detailed directions to these areas are available completely free of charge to anyone interested at

Equipment / Photography: I use a very basic setup: a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR with a 55x250 IS lens, generally set to auto-focus. Itís relatively light, compact, and quick on the draw for those unexpected encounters that appear without warning, vanishing almost before you realize what is happening. A large percentage of my photographs are taken from the cab of my Jeep, having hit the brakes and grabbed my camera from the passenger seat to capture a fleeting moment.

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