Randy Spencer
Magna, Utah
(Born in Nevada)

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I took my younger sister who was the high school photographer to a workshop at BYU to hone her skills. The instructor gave me the assignment to take 50 shots of a single subject with my old Argus C-3 that my father lent me, and so it began. Later that same trip I remember taking a picture of a girl at a drinking fountain. She turned and stuck her tongue out at me just as I snapped the shot. Taking pictures was a lot of fun.

I love the mountains of Utah. Iím told by my family to take a cell phone or stop hiking alone. At the age of 14 when I was hunting deer in Nevada, I had a Mountain Lion come running straight at me. When he saw that I saw him he crouched down, laid his ears back, and readied his feet (paws) for the finial pounce. He was so close I probably shot right over him (if I was steady enough to shoot at all). Lucky for me he went up hill and over a cliff in just a few seconds, rather than coming straight for me. Lucky for me, also that I had my rifle instead of my camera. Itís a thought that goes through my mind every time Iím out and under estimate the hike, and come back alone through the timber of some remote trail. Getting a good shot for me of something like a bird is as challenging as any hunt that I have been on, and just as good an excuse to get outdoors as any.

.Sony Cybershot H-2, and Canon 1000D

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  My camera safe in the hands of someone else, not on the edge of the cliff.