Paul Higgins
Roy, Utah

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I am a single parent and a Civil Engineer consultant on contract with North Davis Sewer District (adjacent to Antelope Island causeway) and Central Weber Sewer District, Slaterville, Utah.

In 1958, my uncle gave me a copy of Roger Tory Peterson's A Field Guide to Western Birds and I have had an interest in identifying and observing birds ever since.

In 2002, my children were fledgling (leaving home) and said I needed to "get a life" besides them, church and work. I purchased a used lens (800mm f5.6 Nikon) and SLR body and started taking pictures of birds. I located a nesting pair of Yellow Warblers up the North Fork of the Ogden River. I was "blinded up" waiting, and photographing, as the parents brought food back to the brood. As I was photographing, a bright, male, American Goldfinch flew over and landed on the end of my lens. I could look through the viewfinder at the feeding parents and raise my eyes through the blind and see the goldfinch perched on the end of my lens. It was magic, I became hooked.
Photographing birds has become my passion. I hope my love for capturing birds is portrayed in my images.

It has also brought me in contact with many wonderful people and life long friends who share in my birding love and passion.

When asked, I usually say I use "throw away" camera's, but in reality I love my Nikon D-200 body. I still use my 800mm f 5.6 lens (no longer made) for long distance, high magnification, sharp images. My workhorse lens' are a 600mm f4.0(bought used) and a 200-400mm f 4.0 VR. I use a fast handling 300mm f 4.0 AF-S for much of my flight shooting, I really like it. I love the images my Nikon equipment produces.

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