Michelle McDaniel
Wasatch County, Utah

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A moment is captured forever through photography.
Michelle says, “Life is incredible and I consider myself very fortunate to have the ability to capture the amazement and beauty of wildlife in its habitat”. One of Michelle’s favorite subjects is birds, she states: “I have always been fascinated the freedom of their flight, the diversity of their species, their habitats, and the complexity of their lives.”
Michelle received the gift of her first camera at the age of ten; it was a little Kodak 110. She was so excited, she went through as much film as her parents would purchase and develop. Her love of photography grew through the years, especially after receiving yet another gift of a camera, her first digital camera in December 2006. She said, “I have enjoyed capturing more moments than ever before.”
Michelle’s first serious bird observations began in the early 1990’s when she put a simple bird feeder in her yard in Ogden, Utah then in December 2005, she began photographing humming birds digitally – many times taking more than a thousand images a day. At night, she’d review, crop, and touch-up photos shot earlier that day.
Michelle says, “Photography has allowed me to capture some amazing and beautiful moments in nature, so many in less than an instant.” Photographing birds has allowed her to identify and learn more about individual species (often with Utah Bird website members’ assistance).
More recently, I have had backyard bird habitats in the mountains (6,000’ elevation).

Equipment: Nikon D80, two Nikkor zoom lenses and a macro lens
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