Merrill Webb
Orem, Utah

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My interest in photography pretty much parallels my interest in birding. My first camera was an old Argus C-3 which I used in the army and which I took to England for two years. My next camera was a Pentax with a light meter on the top. I purchased some rings for close up photography for taking pictures of insects and plants which I used in teaching my zoology and biology classes at Provo High School. Graduated to a Canon AE-1 with behind the lens metering and purchased a telephoto lens, mostly for taking photos of scenery. I have had the privilege of working as a seasonal employee for the Division of Wildlife Resources (six summers), and US Forest Service (Uinta National Forest, mostly, 18 plus summers) and have always carried a camera, so I have taken a lot of photos of different Utah locales. Not much of a bird photographer, though. About 20 years ago I had the privilege of learning from Bill Ratcliffe who took me on a trip to southeastern Utah for a couple of days to teach me how to take better pictures. Most of the photos I have taken have been used in my science teaching, so that has been my objective.
Canon AE-1
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