Heather Ferguson-Sims
Park City, Utah

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     I have been taking photographs since the age of 10 when I got my first 35mm camera. Having studied photojournalism and black and white photography as a hobby my first real job afterwards was with a fast paced ad agency, as a photographer and photoshop professional. In 2007 I started my own company to work around my growing family. Most of my work is landscapes for the tourist guides, however I also enjoy product photography. Over the past few years I have worked in the Sports Industry shooting product and actions shots.
     I have been fortunate to get my photos in several magazines Self, Competitor, Coastal Canine, Visit, Capitola Magazine to name a few. One of my shots has recently been used as a book cover.

Equipment:  Canon lens EF70-200mm
Email Address:
Phnoe:  831.254.6011 (cell)