American Bittern - ©Dennis Hammer (2013)

Dennis L. Hammer
Murray, Utah

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Background: I primarily photograph north American wildlife and, to a lesser extent, landscapes. Photography has been a part of my life now for over 30 years and I enjoy it now as much as I did when I first started. Just recently I semi-retired and only work two days a week which affords me the opportunity to get out in the field more. I prefer action shots to sitting.

Equipment: Nikon D3, D300, D7100 - Lenses: Nikon (all lenses used are Nikon) 500mm, 200 to 400 mm, 70 to 200 mm, 23 to 70 mm.

Blinds: I use one of three blinds often - each is different so the use of a particular blind is based on where and what I am photographing. I primary use a sleeve type blind that I recently purchased because it is easily transported and simple to slip over me and the tripod/camera.

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