Bryan Shirley
Payson, Utah

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Thanks to a birding family, I grew up birding in Utah County. Photography is a lot more recent
development. I started taking pictures a couple of years ago after and love it. I remember
sitting on the shore of Lake Erie with my new camera trying to take pictures of shorebirds.
I didn't move and they kept getting closer and closer to me until they were to close to even
focus on. That is why I like taking pictures - it gives me a chance to watch, wait, and study the birds
while I am waiting for the perfect shot. I really don't consider myself a photographer though, but
a birder with a camera. If you have seen some of my pictures you probably agree!

I have worked as a professional guide for birders for about 10 years now. Most of my trips are
in South America and I am embarressed that I have more pictures of birds from there but only
poor pictures of birds near around my house! I have been working on taking more pictures in Utah (just finally got a good Lazuli Bunting last night).

Equipment:  I use a Cannon 40D with a 100-400 lens

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