Free Bird Callendar

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Steve Carr

2012 Bird Callendar... free!

“The Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program is again developing its next bird calendar for Louisiana to be distributed to birders for free.  The 2012 calendar will focus on 12 of the best birding sites across coastal Louisiana  We’re taking a different approach for 2012 because so many recipients of past calendars have written us to tell us that they are interested in coming to Louisiana to bird.  So we decided to take a break from developing calendars that give specific life histories of a particular group of birds and do something a little different.  Of course the calendar will include beautiful photographs of some of our most colorful friends as in the past.

Did you know that Louisiana’s geographic position along major migratory pathways makes it an important stopover for transient migrants; that Louisiana’s vast expanse of marsh, swamp, and bottomland hardwoods makes this area important to a number of nesting species of birds; that thousands upon thousands of temperate migrants spend their winter months here in Louisiana.  They all depend on the productive habitats of Louisiana where they feed, rest, and in some cases nest.

To increase awareness and appreciation for Louisiana’s natural habitats, we are developing again this year a calendar to be distributed to interested birders for free.  This calendar is designed to promote awareness of Louisiana’s birding opportunities.

To obtain a copy of this calendar for free, email us at and provide us with your name and address.  In the past we have partnered with the American Birding Association to distribute the calendar to members of ABA, however this year we are working with individual ornithological societies, so ABA members are not guaranteed a copy of the calendar for 2009.  So contact us directly.  Don’t put it off.  Contact us now to ensure that you receive a copy of the 2012 calendar.


Richard DeMay
Senior Scientist