Saunailta (Sauna Evening)

5 Dec 2008
Provo, Utah

The day before Finnish Independence Day (itsenäisyys päivä) the Bays -- Ana, Andy, Patrick, Anton, and Owen (Miles with an unexcused absence) -- along with Jeff and Susan, Christopher and Kathy and the real Finn Tuula join Milt the sauna coordinator and staff photographer, for an evening of steam, food, singing and general holiday merriment.  Here's are some random photos of the festive event.

Lofty Asperations for the Holidays:

Trying to act solemn -- unsuccessfully -- they're just having too much fun!
Los Tres Amigos: A Man of Peace, the Skydiver, and Mr. Post-sauna Frizz
Here's lookin' at you kid!

Music and General Merriment

The music makers
Patrick -- almost ready;  Owen -- chiming in
Anton -- starting to mellow out

The Four Women that kept things under control


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