Rare Flower - Bear Claw Poppy

23 Apr 2008
Washington County, Utah

(email received 23 Apr 2008 from Keith Davis)

If you happen this way.... check out the Bear Claw Poppy (see attachment).  It is in full bloom.  This is the endangered plant that only grows in St. George area, and no where else in the world. 
I was out on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail and it was a TREAT!!!!  So many desert plants in bloom.  Mormon Tea, Burro Bush, Mohaje Aster, Desert Marigold, etc. etc.   OH, YES  there were lots of birds singing up a storm.  The best song was from the Brewer's Sparrow.  In second was the Black-throated Sparrow.  I needed a second birder to verify a Clay-colored Sparrow (but I'm pretty sure it was one).  The desert was alive with birds and blooms.
ALSO:  We are having our Spring Retreat for the Utah Audubon Council this Saturday and Sunday at Springdale and Zion.  Just got an email that a Magnificient Hummingbird was seen on the Riverside Walk... April 11.   Will let you know if we are able to find it.

Photo by Keith Davis


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