Utah Birds Records Committee
End-of-year Elections
Final Vote
(Deadline 27 Dec 2015)


  For Voting Members

Instructions:   There are six finalists for three voting-member positions
 on the Records Committee:  (There was a tie for 5th place in the primaries).

   (in alphabetical order)
       Kathy Beyer (Salt Lake Co.)
       Bob Bond (Salt Lake Co.)
       Stephanie Greenwood (Davis? Co.)
       Bryan Shirley (Utah Co.)
       Mark Stackhouse (Salt Lake Co./Mexico)
       Kevin Wheeler (Washington Co.)

  Please vote for four of the nominees in order of your preference.
  If you vote for one person more than once, only the first one will count.
                  After compiling the votes, the Secretary will contact the
                highest point-getter first to determine willingness to serve
             and proceed down the list until all three positions have been filled.

First Choice:  
Second Choice:  
Third Choice:  
Forth Choice:  


  (Must be filled in before the vote can be submitted).


When you have completed the form,
click "Submit."
Your vote will automatically be sent by e-mail to the secretary of the Records Committee.

It may take 30 seconds or so for the "Vote Submitted" message to appear
after you click the "Submit" request, so
please be patient

 -- Thank You.