ELLA D. SORENSEN, 3868 Marsha Dr., West Valley City, Utah 84120
KEITH L. DIXON, Dept. of Biology, Utah State Univ., Logan, Utah 84322
STEVEN P. HEDGES, Bureau of Land Management, Cedar City, Utah 84720
CLAYTON M. WHITE, Dept. of Zoology, Brigham Young Univ., Provo, Utah 84602

    This, the fifth report of the Utah Bird Records Committee, contains 14 accepted records of 14 species. Evaluated records are listed by common and scientific names following nomenclature of the American Ornithologists' Union 1983 checklist and 35th supplement (1985). Information listed for each record includes, in order: number of birds recorded including age and sex if available, Committee file num)er (in parentheses), dates of known occurrence, locality, initials of all known observers with the finder listed first (in parentheses), initials of observers submitting written documentation (doc: ) or photograph (photo: ), and comments. The Records Committee would like to thank those individuals who have submitted records to the Committee.


GREAT EGRET (Casmerodius albus). One (4-1986); 10 May 1986; west of Woodruff, Rich Co.; (CK,AL,PO,CKo); doc: CK.

EURASIAN WIGEON (Anas penelope). One adult male (1-1986); 29-30 Mar 1986; Faust Res., Tooele Co.; (ES,RS,CM,JB,JL); doc: CN,ES.

SURF SCOTER (Melanitta perspicillata). One (47-1985); 20 Nov 1985; Grafton sewage pond, Washington Co.; (JLG,JG,KT); doc: JLG.
    This is the second record of this species in the Zion area.

WHIMBREL (Numenius phaeopus). Three (8-1986); 7 May 1986; Layton, Davis Co.; (CKn); doc: CKn.
    All documented records of this rare migrant are from April and May. The habitat was short grass and greasewood pastureland.

MEW GULL (Larus canus). One first-winter (53-1985); 21 Dec 1985; Salt Lake City landfill, Salt Lake Co.; (ES); doc: ES.
    The Mew Gull was first reported from Utah in 1984. An article which discusses the differences between Mew and Ring-billed gulls was published in the March 1980 issue of American Birds.

INCA DOVE (Columbina inca). One (57-1985); 6 Nov 1985; Washington, Washington Co.; (MS); doc: MS.
    The description was sketchy but most of the key marks were mentioned. The scaly breast and shoulder eliminated a small Mourning Dove.

GRAY FLYCATCHER (Empidonax wrighti). One adult (3-1986); 1 May 1986; between Newton and Trenton, Cache Co.; (JB,TB); doc: 38.
    This is the second confirmed record for Latilong 3.

BLUE JAY (Cyanocitta cristata). One (1-1976); approx. 20 Nov 1976-late April or early May 1977; Hyrum, Cache Co.; (KS); doc: KS; photo: KS.
    Kimberly Smith, who authored "Western Range Extension of the Blue Jay" (Utah Birds 2:4), submitted this record from his files. Blue Jay reports continue to increase in Utah.

BLACK-TAILED GNATCATCHER (Polioptila melanura). One (2-1986); 19 Jan 1986; Beaver Dam Wash, Washington Co.; (CM,JB); doc: CM.
    This is the first documented winter record of this species for Utah. This gnatcatcher has now been verified as a rare permanent resident of extreme southwestern Utah.

OVENBIRD (Seiurus aurocapillus). One adult (6-1986); 26 May 1986; Beryl, Iron Co.; (RS,ES); doc: ES; photo: ES.
    This is the fifth documented state record, and was observed at an isolated Great Basin ranch.

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK (Pheucticus ludovicianus). One adult female (5-1986); 26 May 1986; Kaufman Ranch, Black Rock, Millard Co.; (ES,RS); doc: ES.

LARK BUNTING (Calamospiza melanocorys). One adult male (7-1986); 13 May 1986; Layton, Davis Co.; (CKn); doc: CKn.
    Lark Buntings are rare breeders in Utah and are occasionally observed in migration.

LECONTE'S SPARROW (Ammodramus lecontei). One adult (1-1975); Dec 1975; Bear River NWR, Box Elder Co.; (KS,SH); doc: KS.
    This bird, the third documented record for Utah, was observed on the 1975 Bear River Christmas Bird Count. Attempts to obtain documentation from American Birds while completing Utah Birds: A Revised Checklist were unsuccessful. Apparently, the documentation was destroyed. One of the observers, Kimberly Smith, a UOS member now residing in Arkansas, was able to furnish the documentation.

GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE (Quiscalus mexicanus). Three males, six females, one unknown (9-1986); 20 April 1986; Moab, Grand Co.; (RL); doc: RL).
    This species was first reported in Utah on 1 July 1977 and continues to expand its range and population, with reports most numerous from the southern portion of the state.

OBSERVERS: John Barnes, Terry Barnes, Joelle Buffa, Jerome L.Gifford (JLG),Jewel Gifford, Steve Hoffman, Craig Kesselheim, Craig Kneedy(CKn),Charles Kocher (CKO), Andrew Langford, Joe Leigh, Richard Levad, Clyde Morris, Phil Orton, Neil Stevens, Kimberly Smith, Ella Sorensen, Richard Sorensen, Kirk Topham

*source: Utah Birds 3(2):34-36.