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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2021-12
Purple Finch


All photos taken from eBird Checklists

Note:  Photos*    A - C  by Bryant Olsen;   D, E  by Von Welch;   F by Jeff Cooper;   G,H by James Loveless

  Photo A

  Photo B

  Photo B1
Photo B, cropped and shadows lightened

  Photo C
Photos below by Von Welch

  Photo D

  Photo E
Photo below by Jeff Cooper

  Photo F
Photos below by James Loveless

  Photo G

Several people have identified this bird as a Cassin's Finch that was included in the eBird report.
We'll keep it in this record as an example of field marks that distinguish it from a Purple Finch:
"clearly streaked undertail coverts, crisp & thin breast streaks, straight culmen, eye ring..."


  Photo H

* The original photo files, being too large for our format, have been reduced in size. (originals are available)