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Rec. # 2017-69

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Report:  I arrived at the field on Dixie Drive next to Star Nursery at 10:45 AM and joined Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld who had seen the Dickcissel about 40 minutes earlier. The bird stayed in the bushes, but gave us OK views. Others have seen the bird perched up and have better photographs (such as Mike Schijf- see eBird report dated 19Dec2017, 10:33 AM).

We watched and photographed the bird until 10:58, at which time some joggers came along the path from the direction of Cottonwood Cove Park, and the bird flew across the field toward the bushes near the Santa Clara River.   ~ Maurice DeMille

Note:  Photos* by Maurice DeMille

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* The original photo files, being too large for our format, have been reduced in size. (originals are available)