Record # 2007-26
Possible Neotropic Cormorant
Photos by Rick Fridell
´´Due to the long distances involved with viewing the bird, the photos are marginal and only helpful in showing
overall shape, breast color, and perhaps most important, size relative to DC Cormorants. Photos were taken
with a Nikon D80 camera (35 mm lens) handheld through a Zeiss scope zoomed to 60x.´´

  1st Photo

First photo is a front view of the Neotropic Cormorant perched on a fence line along the West shore of Quichapa Lake (August 30, 2007).

  2nd Photo

Second photo is a juvenile Double-crested Cormorant perched along the same fence taken under the same conditions and at the same focal length as the first photo (August 30, 2007).

  3rd Photo

Third photo shows the (alleged) Neotropic Cormorant (upper right) perched with many Double-crested Cormorants (this photo shows relative tail length, size, and dark breast; August 31, 2007).

  4th Photo

Fourth photo also shows the Neotropic Cormorant (middle left) perched with many Double-crested Cormorants (although blurry, I think this photo shows head and bill size and shape, face pattern, and color of lores).

  4th Photo

(This is the same photo as above with a ´´level´´ adjustment, which may show better on some monitors) .