(This document has been transcribed from a photocopy of the original document which was written in all caps and quite hard to decipher.  I'm sure this transcription will work better than making a digital copy of the record on file. ~  M.G. Moody)

Peter Paton
PO Box 741
Hyde Parke UT  84318

Mountain Plover Obseration - Basic plumage

Seen 31 March 1992  @ Layton Marsh

Subsequently seen 1 April (w/ Ella Sorensen & Craig Kneedy) & 3 April

UTM[?] coordinates = 4115oo East, 43438oo N.

Observed for 15 minutes feeding w/ a flock of 6 Snowy Plovers in dead salt grass next to Great Salt Lake (feeding on brine flies).

Size: About 1 1/2 times the size of adjacent Snowy Plover,  appeared to be slightly smaller than a golden plover

Overall Plumage Color: Dark brown wings (solid,  no speckling), breast - light brown with no streaking or spots,  Belly/vent - solid white, Head - light tan w/ whitish eye stripe, white at base of bill & white below eye.
Leg color - light - not black

Similar Species - Both Black-bellied & L. Golden Plovers are larger, heavier, & show buffy edges to coverts (lacking in this bird) and some darker streaking/spotting on breast, (lacking on this bird).

I have seen Mtn. Plover in eastern Colorado previously, so am familiar w/ the species.