Record # 2003-09
Possible Ruddy Ground-Dove

Video Clips:
(These can only be viewed if you have Quick Time installed on your computer.  If you click on the link, Quick Time should start up automatically (though slowly) if it is installed, otherwise it just won't work.  The first three are very short clips from the video tape in order that they will be viewable on most computer systems.  The last one is longer and could cause problems if you don't have a high-speed internet connection -- you may want to view it from a public library or some other place that has a high speed connection)  Even the small clips (first three) will take few minutes (as much as 5 min.) to download with a dial-up internet connection.

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Photos were taken with a digital camera from the video tape when played on a TV, thus the quality is not real good.  ~ Milton Moody )

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Photo B
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Photo F
Photo F