Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 2003-06

Common name:

Eurasian Collared-Dove

Scientific name: Streptopelia decaocto
Date: 1/4/03
Time: 1600-1615 (4-4:15pm)
Length of time observed: 15 minutes
Number: 1
Location: Jensen, UT on north side of Highway 40 at intersection with 9300 East
County: Uintah
Distance to bird: 100-150 ft (100' initially; then moved to nearby trees 150' from observers)
Optical equipment: Swarovski SLC 10x42 binocs, Swarovski 80AT HD scope
Weather: cloudy, calm
Light Conditions: good
Detailed description of bird: large, heavy dove; light colored with dark primaries, square tail, small bill, black collar on back of neck.  [see photo]
Song or call & method of delivery: gave harsh-sounding call.
Behavior: perched on powerlines; flew to nearby poplar trees when observers got out of car
Habitat: Perched in row of Lombardy poplars planted next to a house. Adjacent habitats include fields, yards with ornamental trees and shrubs, some brush and trees along nearby Green River.
Similar species and
how were they eliminated:
Lacked black spots on wing and not as slender as a mourning dove; tail shape differed as well. Dark primaries distinguish it from a ringed turtle-dove
Previous experience with this & similar species: saw 4-5 Eurasian collared-doves in SE Colorado 3 years ago
References consulted: Sibley's Guide to Birds
Description from: Notes made later
Observer: Dona Hilkey
Observer's address: 2400 RBC Road 12, Meeker, CO 81641
Observer's e-mail address:
Other observers who independently identified
this bird:
Kim Potter, Rich Levad, Amy Levad
Date prepared: 1/11/03  (General Public)
Additional material: Photo
Additional comments: bird was seen during Dinosaur NM - Jensen CBC. Report submitted by CBC compiler on behalf of the observers, using information from the Rare Bird Documentation Form they filled out for the CBC.