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      Quiz # 016  (September 2011)


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Our quiz this month was another beautiful recording Kevin Colver. The recording starts with a call familiar to most birders, the Killdeer. The second species is a bit more difficult. It isn’t a particularly tricky call, but the problem is that even though it breeds in Utah there is a pretty good chance that a lot of us have never heard it before. As Kevin said on his website, “Unless you spend a lot of time lying quietly on the open mudflats, you are unlikely to hear the calls and courtship activity of the diminutive Snowy Plover” - the second bird in the recording. Snowy Plovers breed around the Great Salt Lake and possibly a few other locations, but a lot of the areas are either hard or impossible to access. I can only remember hearing them once. It was at Lincoln Beach a few years ago when Utah Lake was really low and there was a lot of beach.


Correct Answers (in order received):
  1. Ann Neville
  2. Eric Huish
  3. Craig Fosdick
  4. Stephanie Greenwood
  5. Weston Smith
  6. Stephanie Peterson
  7. Leah Lewis

Incorrect Answers:
     4 people got the Killdeer but didn’t get the Snowy Plovers