Utah Birds
Photo Quiz Answer

      Quiz # 015  (August 2011)




Pretty easy this month – we only had one wrong answer and it was probably just an accident more than a mistake (reminder: you must have the correct FULL name of the bird).   We have a gray or blackish bird, with a darker cap and white edges to the tail.  Specifically, the white around the bottom edge of the tail is important.  The white on the bottom of the tail is an easily recognizable field mark for an Eastern Kingbird.  A few others have white outer tail feathers (like Western Kingbird), but the white at the end of the tail is a giveaway.


Correct Answers (in order received):
  1. Weston Smith
  2. Larry Basden
  3. Eric Huish
  4. Bryant Olsen
  5. Robin Tuck
  6. Steve Carr
  7. Carolina Roa
  8. Sylvia Gray
  9. Casey Day
10. Cliff Weisse
11. Leah Lewis
12. Margaret Sloan
13. Stephanie Greenwood
14. Lee Jones
15. J. Shirley
16. Ryan O’Donnell
17. Dennis Shirley
18. Jeff Bogan

Incorrect Answers:

  • Kingbird