Utah Birds
Photo Quiz Answer

      Quiz # 014  (July 2011)




This Quiz is one that is easy if you know this bird, if not it could be tricky and tough to find in the field guide.  The giveaway is the obvious white patch at the base of the primaries.  As far as I can think of there is only one species here that has that – a Black-Throated Blue Warbler.  The light brown or slightly greenish, drab bird here is a female, but they still have the wing patch.  The little bit of an eyestripe we can see is not diagnostic, but helps to confirm our decision.

This bird is a very rare migrant in Utah, but has been seen here almost every year since 2000. Most records are October, but there are several in September as well.  I picked this bird for the quiz because I have never seen one in Utah and I hope somebody will find one this fall!  Call me when you do!  This photo was taken at Magee Marsh in May.


Correct Answers (in order received):
  1.   Ryan O’Donnell
  2.   Steve Carr
  3.   Eric Huish
  4.   BJ Warner
  5.   Weston Smith
  6.   Lee Jones
  7.   Bryant Olsen
  8.   Stephanie Greenwood
  9.   Cliff Weisse
10.   Dennis Shirley
11.   Leah Lewis

Incorrect Answers:

  • Ruby-Crowned Kinglet - 1
  • Cassin’s Vireo  - 1
  • Bell’s Vireo - 1