Utah Birds
Photo Quiz Answer

      Quiz # 011  (April 2011)




This month our quiz shows a bird in flight. It has a long, decurved bill and is mottled brown. The only birds on the Utah checklist that are possible are Long-billed Curlew and Whimbrel. There are a few characteristics that we can see in our photo to help with the ID. First of all, a Long-Billed Curlew bill is much longer than the bill on this bird. Second, a LB Curlew has a streaked crown that doesn’t show any real contrast with the rest of the head. A Whimbrel has an obvious darker crown that contrasts with a lighter supercilium (above the eye). In the center of the dark crown there is a light stripe down the middle. It may be difficult to see sometimes, but it is obvious in our photo quiz. Finally, our bird doesn’t have buffy or cinnamon color of a LB Curlew, especially under the wings. That pretty well removes any doubt about our ID and confirms that it is in fact a Whimbrel. Whimbrels are a rare but regular migrant through the state turning up at the regular locations that are good for shorebirds. They also can occasionally be seen in dry fields – just like the ones Curlews like as well.


Correct Answers (in order received):
1. Craig Fosdick
2. Stephen Peterson
3. Ryan O’Donnell
4. Felicia Pimentel
5. Melanie Hoffman
6. Sam P
7. Brandon Percival
8. Steve Coleman
9. Eric Huish
10. Bill Fenimore
11. Tuula Rose
12. Jeff Cooper
13. Dominique Roche
14. Cliff Weisse
15. Mia McPherson
16. Weston Smith
17. Keeli Marvel
18. J. Shirley
19. Steve Carr
20. Leah Lewis
21. KC Childs
22. Dennis Shirley
23. Matthew Mills

Incorrect Answers:
     1. Long-billed Curlew (1)