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      Quiz # 010  (March 2011)


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Well this was a tough quiz this month. For one thing there isn’t a field guide to look up calls in easily – if you aren’t sure you have to listen to every call until you hear one similar. Most Utah birders have seen this bird and could easily ID it, but some “good” birders may not have ever heard it before - or at least not very often. The answer is White throated Swift. Swifts nest in cliffs and crags throughout the state. They are actually quite vocal when nesting, but most of us aren’t around their nesting areas enough to get to know the call well. In the spring and summer they can be heard easily around the red-rock country of Southern Utah and somewhat locally around cliffs of the Wasatch Front or other mountain areas.

Many people commented on the background birds as well for bonus points. Several people pointed out the Western Tanager, Mourning Dove, and a couple could pick out a Hermit Thrush. Apparently there are a few other species calling as well, but they may not be audible unless you have some top end speakers for your computer (if you can’t hear them always blame the computer!).

Thanks again to Kevin Colver for providing the quiz for us. Kevin made this recording at a colony near Levan in Juab County, where he apparently “risked life and limb to get a microphone up to this colony”.



Correct Answers (in order received):
  1. Melanie Hoffman
  2. Craig Fosdick
  3. Bryant Olsen
  4. Eric Huish
  5. Cliff Weiss
  6. Leah Lewis
  7. Weston Smith
  8. Keeli Marvel
  9. Dennis Shirley

Incorrect Answers:
     1. Cedar Waxwings (1)
     2. Bohemian Waxwing (1)
     3. Pine Siskin (1)
     4. Sora (1)