Great Basin Regional Report
Fall 2000


Ted Floyd, Great Basin Bird Observatory, One East First Street Suite 500, Reno, Nevada 89501 (

Mark Stackhouse, Westwings Inc., 1432 Downingtown Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105 (

The highlights of the quarter were: (1) an exceptional showing by seabirds at Pyramid Lake; (2) a heavy irruption of montane species (especially Pinyon Jays and Lewis’s Woodpeckers) into the desert; and (3) a goodly presence of eastern vagrants at the desert oases. The Pyramid Lake seabirds were preceded by a week of unsettled weather with a strong westerly flow from the Pacific Ocean, and the incursion of montane species was thought to be connected to a regional cone crop failure. The vagrants at the desert oases, however, could not be attributed to any large-scale biological or meteorological phenomena.

Records marked with a dagger (†) are subject to review by the appropriate state records committees (Nevada Bird Records Committee, NBRC; Utah Bird Records Committee, UBRC).

Abbreviations: A.I.C. (Antelope Island Causeway, Davis, UT); C.C. (Corn Creek, Clark, NV); B.R.M.B.R. (Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Box Elder, UT); F.B.W.M.A. (Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area, Davis, UT); F.S.N.W.R. (Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, Juab, UT); H.B.V.P. (Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Clark, NV); I.S. (Indian Springs, Clark, NV); J.R.P. (Jordan River Parkway, Salt Lake, UT); L.V. (Las Vegas, Clark, NV); L.V.M. (Lemmon Valley Marsh, Washoe, NV); M.R.S. (Miller’s Rest Stop, Esmeralda, NV); O.P. (Oxbow Park, Washoe, NV); P.L. (Pyramid Lake, Washoe, NV); P.N.W.R. (Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Lincoln, NV); S.F.R. (South Fork Reservoir, Elko, NV); S.L. (Soda Lake, Churchill, NV); T.R. (Torrance Ranch, Nye, NV); W.L. (Walker Lake, Mineral, NV).

loons through falcons

Pacific Loons were reported from NV at P.L. 23 Sep – 16 Nov (v.o.) and W.L. 13 Oct (TF), while UT records included 2 at Hyrum Res., Cache, 14 Oct – 11 Nov (v.o.) and one at Willard Bay State Park, Box Elder, 4 Nov (MS). Horned Grebes were noted at 4 NV and 3 UT locations 26 Aug – 30 Nov (v.o.), and 1–2 Red-necked Grebes were at P.L. 13 Sep – 5 Nov (v.o.). A disoriented Brown Pelican (†) was found at L.V. 5 Aug and released at H.B.V.P., where it was found dead 7 Aug (CN); the specimen is now at the Barrick Museum of Natural History (CT). Little Blue Herons (†) included an ad. at F.B.W.M.A. 27 Aug (JBe, KB) and an imm. along the Bear R. near Randolph, Rich, UT, 18 Sep (PU). Green Herons were listed from 2 NV and 3 UT locations 9 Aug – 19 Nov (v.o.).

Tundra Swan maximum was 1200 at L.V.M. 16 Nov (TF, BG). A Trumpeter Swan at Decker Lake, Salt Lake, UT, 11 Nov (JH) was at an unexpected locale. Greater White-fronted Geese were listed at 8 NV and 2 UT locations, with a first date of 28 Aug at Goose L., Churchill, NV (BH), and a high count of 53 at Washington, Washington, UT, 9 Sep (RF et al.). The top Snow Goose count was 300+ at W.L. 25 Nov (JW). The only Ross’s Geese were 3 near Tonopah, Nye, NV, 15 Nov (JB) and one at Rancho San Rafael Park, Washoe, NV, 26 Nov (NH et al.). Wood Ducks were reported from 7 NV locations, but the only UT report was of 3 birds at the Bureau of Reclamation Mitigation Area, Wasatch, UT, 13 Aug (MiS, MaS). The only Blue-winged Teal reports came from L.V.M. 14–20 Aug (v.o.) and S.F.R. 27 Aug (MP, LP). A Eurasian Wigeon (†) was a good find at Provo, Utah, UT, 23 Nov (JTu, RT).

A pair of Greater Scaups at L.V.M. 16 Sep (TF) was somewhat early, and the top count among several reports from P.L. 5–30 Nov (v.o.) was 28 birds 16 Nov (JW). A Lesser Scaup at H.B.V.P. 25 Aug (CT) was early. The only NV Long-tailed Duck was at H.B.V.P. 10 Nov (RS), but the species was reported from 3 UT locations 8–22 Nov (v.o.). P.L. hosted a Black Scoter (†) 16–24 Nov (JW et al., ph. MM). Surf Scoter reports included: one at P.L. 24–27 Sep and 5 at this location 5 Nov (TF et al.); 3 at W.L. 16 Oct (LN); one at Quail Creek Res., Washington, UT, 24 Oct (RF, KW); and one at H.B.V.P. 27–28 Oct (CN et al.). A flock of 4 White-winged Scoters at Duff’s Pond, Churchill, 16 Nov (AC) was the only NV report, but UT records came from F.B.W.M.A. 3–5 Nov (v.o.), A.I.C. 6 Nov (LS), and Hyrum Res., Cache, 8 Nov (KE). Multiple Barrow’s Goldeneyes gathered at Logan Canyon, Cache, UT, 8 Nov (KE, JR), and single birds were at P.L. 22–30 Nov (JW et al.) and Virginia L., Washoe, NV, 20–23 Nov (JD, HJ). A summering Bufflehead lingered into Aug at H.B.V.P. (RS). Hooded Merganser is common in w. NV but unusual in UT, where the only reports came from Logan, Cache, 8–25 Nov (v.o.) and J.R.P. 13 Nov (JH). Red-breasted Mergansers were noted at 3 NV locations 2 Sep – 24 Nov, with a top count of 7 at P.L. 23 Sep (GS et al.).

Red-shouldered Hawks continued their apparent increase in NV, with reports from at least 14 locations during the reporting period; the only UT report, however, came from Grafton, Washington, 18 Oct (KC, BSh). Broad-winged Hawks (†) at C.C. 10 Oct (MSs) and 3 Nov (RS) were far from their usual NV migratory corridor in the Goshute Mts., Elko, where small numbers are present annually (DB); the only UT sighting was from Fish Lake Hightop Plateau, Sevier, 6 Sep (TS). A Zone-tailed Hawk (†) continued at P.N.W.R. until 3 Aug (MM, EG), and one was at Pine Park, Washington, UT, 16 Aug (TS). The fall Merlin flight in NV consisted of reports from 5 locations during the narrow window of 18–24 Oct (v.o.).

plovers through terns

The shorebird passage was good in UT, but unspectacular in NV. Highlights included: single American Golden-Plovers at Provo Airport Dike, Utah, UT, 10 Sep (DGr et al.) and Hurricane, Washington, UT, 4 Nov (RF & KW); Solitary Sandpipers at 6 NV and 2 UT locations, with a last date of 2 Oct at Key Pitman W.M.A, Lincoln, NV (MSs, JP); a Hudsonian Godwit (†) at B.R.M.B.R. 28 Aug (CNe, TN); single Ruddy Turnstones (†) at L.V.M. 20 Aug (TF, KM) and Antelope Island S.P., Davis, UT, 19–28 Aug (v.o.); 2 Red Knots at B.R.M.B.R. 28 Aug (CNe, TN); the only UT Sanderling at A.I.C. 15 Sep (KE et al.), with NV records from 3 locales 16–25 Sep, led by 35 at P.L. 25 Sep (v.o.); single Semipalmated Sandpipers at L.V.M. 8 Aug (TF, TL) and S.L. 31 Aug (TF); low numbers of Baird’s Sandpipers at 5 NV locations 3 Aug – 7 Oct (v.o.); Pectoral Sandpipers at 5 NV locations 20 Sep – 28 Oct (v.o.) and 9 UT locations 6 Aug – 4 Nov (v.o.); single Stilt Sandpipers at H.B.V.P. 25 Aug (RS) and 3 Oct (MSs, JP) and at F.B.W.M.A. 3 Sep (DGr, DS), plus 12 at Provo Airport Dike, Utah, UT, 25 Sep (DSh); a Buff-breasted Sandpiper (†), UT’s fourth record if accepted by UBRC, at Pruess Lake, Millard, UT, 3 Sep (fide CT); 2 Short-billed Dowitchers at H.B.V.P. 3 Oct (MSs, JP), and single birds at B.R.M.B.R. 7 Aug (JHu, MS), S.L. 22 Aug (MM), and F.B.W.M.A. 23 Sep (DWh); and single Red Phalaropes (†) at Hurricane Sewage Lagoons, Washington, UT (RF) on the early date of 7 Sep and at P.L. on the more expected dated of 25 Sep (TF, BHa).

An ad. light-phase Pomarine Jaeger (†) at Little Lyman Lake, Summit, UT, 26 Aug (ph. KF) was a real surprise. A moribund Parasitic Jaeger (†) was found near S.L. 29 Aug (BH), at least 3 were at P.L. 10–15 Sep (ph. JT, v.o.), and a late individual was at F.B.W.M.A. 28 Oct (v.o.). At least 4 Long-tailed Jaegers (†) were at P.L. 9–25 Sep (ph. MM, v.o.). An undetermined number of unidentified jaegers also were present at P.L. 6–25 Sep (v.o.), and may have represented a few additional individuals.

The only Franklin’s Gulls in NV were single birds at S.L. 22 Aug (MM), S.F.R. 27 Aug (MP, LP), and near T.R. 23 Oct (MSs, JD). Bonaparte’s Gulls were noted in small numbers at 4 NV locations 22 Oct – 4 Nov (v.o.), and large numbers were present at B.R.M.B.R. until 20 Nov (DP). Deer Creek Res., Wasatch, UT, hosted 2 Mew Gulls (†) 6 Oct (JBe et al.). The first of a scattering of NV Herring Gull reports came from P.L. 9 Sep (MM, TF). Thayer’s Gulls reports came from A.I.C. 18 Nov (TS) and West Bountiful Landfill, Davis, UT, 19 Nov (MS, SSt). A second-winter Western Gull (†) was at P.L. 19–20 Nov (ph. MM et al.). Single Glaucous-winged Gulls were at P.L. 18 Nov (JW) and Reno, Washoe, NV, 26 Nov (TF). A Glaucous-winged ´ Western Gull hybrid was at W.L. 13 Oct (TF), and at least 3 were at P.L. 5–23 Nov (v.o.). Sabine’s Gulls (†) made an excellent showing: single birds were at H.B.V.P. 22 Aug – 8 Oct (v.o.), Panguitch Lake, Garfield, UT, 16–28 Sep (RD), and Humboldt Sink, Pershing, NV, 20 Sep (LN); 2 were at Deer Creek Res., Wasatch, UT, 6–7 Oct (v.o.); 3 showed up at P.N.W.R. 2 Oct (MSs, JP); and a good passage at P.L. 13–25 Sep was led by an astonishing 11 (!) birds 25 Sep (v.o.).

In NV a strong Common Tern flight was noted 31 Aug – 8 Oct, with a top count of 22 birds at P.L. 23 Sep (TF et al.); in UT small flocks were found at 3 locations 27 Aug – 5 Oct (v.o.). Two Arctic Terns (†) were at P.L. 23 Sep (ph. GS et al.). One bird was an adult, and the other was a juvenile; the adult remained at least through the next day (DS, BSe).

pigeons through flycatchers

Immature Band-tailed Pigeons at I.S. 23 Sep (MPa) and H.B.V.P. 8 Oct (TF et al.) were at unusual lowland locations, and northerly White-winged Doves were noted at 3 Churchill, NV, locations 3 Sep – 30 Nov (v.o.). Migrant owls included a Flammulated Owl in urban Reno, Washoe, NV, 23 Sep (ME) and single Northern Saw-whet Owls at 4 lowland locations in NV 26 Sep – 29 Nov (v.o.). A Common Nighthawk at Virginia L., Washoe, NV, 27 Oct (MV et al.) was very late. Black Swifts in UT included 3 at Brighton, Salt Lake, 6 Aug (JBe, KB) and 8 at Naturalist Basin, Duchesne, 12 Aug (MiS, MaS). A Vaux’s Swift (†) was at Quail Creek Res., Washington, UT, 19 Aug (RF); in NV, where the species is more expected, small flocks were noted at 3 locations 26 Aug – 23 Sep (v.o.). Somewhat northerly were Anna’s Hummingbirds at O.P. 16 Aug – 2 Sep (MSs, TF) and Tonopah, Nye, NV, 27 Sep (PS); meanwhile, several birds remained at L.V. area feeders until the end of the reporting period (v.o.).

Lewis’s Woodpeckers were reported from at least 14 lowland locations in NV and 4 in UT 3 Sep – 18 Nov, with the bulk of the records falling in late Sep and early Oct; top counts were up to 20 at Circle-L Ranch, Esmeralda, NV, 1 Oct (MSs et al.) and 10+ at Mormon Ranch, Clark, NV, 7 Oct (JKa et al.). A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (†) at M.R.S. 13 Oct (JB), if accepted by NBRC, would be one of fewer than 10 records for NV; the status of this potentially overlooked sapsucker as a fall vagrant in NV is unclear at present. A Red-breasted Sapsucker (†) at Minersville Res., Beaver, UT, 27 Sep (MW) was well out of range; the species breeds in w. NV, but single birds at Timber L., Churchill, 20 Sep (DW, DA), Circle-L Ranch, Esmeralda, 30 Sep (TF et al.), and Bodyfelt Ranch, Nye, 1 Oct (TF et al.) were somewhat easterly. A pure Yellow-shafted Flicker was reported from Pleasant Grove, Utah, UT, 13 Nov (TW); NV got its usual share of hybrid flickers, but none was thought to be a pure Yellow-shafted Flicker.

A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (†) at TR 14 Oct (TF, ph. MPa), if accepted by NBRC, would be the first documented record for NV. Least Flycatchers (†) at Tonopah, Nye, 3–5 Sept (JB) and at M.R.S. 17 Sep (JB) and 13–16 Oct (JB, TF) will present NBRC with the usual challenges associated with the identification of Empidonax flycatchers on fall migration; meanwhile, UT records came from the Bureau of Reclamation Mitigation Area, Wasatch, 5–7 Aug (v.o.) and Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington, 24 Sep (RD). In NV a heavy passage of "Western" Flycatchers was noted through the valleys and in the mountains 10 Aug – 18 Oct (v.o.), and fall banding data indicated that most of the birds were Pacific-slope Flycatchers (DW, DA). Northward post-breeding dispersal by Black Phoebes was evidenced by reports from 6 n. NV locations 18 Aug – 18 Oct (v.o.). An Eastern Phoebe (†) was at C.C. 3 Nov (RS). A pair of Brown-crested Flycatchers at P.N.W.R. 3 Aug (MM, EG) was the only report. Cassin’s Kingbirds were found at C.C. 16 Aug (RS), H.B.V.P. 25 Aug – 3 Oct (v.o.), and T.R. 26 Aug – 3 Sep (MSs et al.). Eastern Kingbird is rare in NV away from Elko, so a migrant at H.B.V.P. 31 Aug (fide RS) was noteworthy.

vireos through warblers

Cassin’s Vireo is reported annually in UT, but reports from 6 locations 27 Aug – 15 Oct (v.o.) were more than usual. Away from their usual haunts in the mountains of NV, Steller’s Jays were found at the desert locales of Ash Meadows N.W.R., Nye, 14 Oct (MPa) and C.C. 21 Oct – 9 Nov (v.o.); the species descended to several valley locations in UT, as well (v.o.). Good numbers of Pinyon Jays were widely noted in the lowland deserts of NV 12 Aug – 21 Oct (v.o.), and a strong movement was noted through Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, 6–11 Sep (v.o.). Clark’s Nutcrackers were reported from the desert oases of C.C. 8 Sep (RS) and T.R. 14 Sep (KV). A small flock of Purple Martins was at Provo R. Parkway, Utah, UT, 12–27 Aug (v.o.), and a few Tree Swallows remained at H.B.V.P. through the end of the reporting period (RS).

The status of Black-capped Chickadee in e. NV is unclear, so a report from Great Basin N.P., White Pine, 14 Sep (CPe) was interesting. At least 3 Winter Wrens, including juveniles, were seen at Chimney Beach, Washoe, NV, 3 Aug (TF, TL) and indicated likely breeding; the species is still unconfirmed as a breeder in NV. Elsewhere, migrants at 5 NV locations 19 Sep – 24 Nov (v.o.) included an individual of the eastern hiemalis subspecies at C.C. 9 Nov (MSj), while UT records came from 3 locations 29 Oct – 23 Nov (v.o.). Golden-crowned Kinglet is usually an uncommon valley migrant through NV, but this year singles and small flocks were noted from 8 lowland locations 23 Sep – 28 Nov (v.o.). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher lingered at J.R.P. until 26 Nov (BC, TC).

Swainson’s Thrushes were noted at Numana, Washoe, NV, 9–15 Sep (v.o.) and at Timber L., Churchill, NV, 21 Sep (DW, DA). Varied Thrushes were reported from an impressive 9 NV and 3 UT locations 5 Oct – 25 Nov (v.o.). A Gray Catbird was noted at S.F.R. 27 Aug (MP, LP). Single Brown Thrashers (†) were at T.R. until 22 Sep (KV et al.) and at P.N.W.R. 7 Oct (SG). Bohemian Waxwings were noted at Provo, Utah, UT, 16 Nov (CP) and at J.R.P. 28 Nov (TS). A Phainopepla at F.S.N.W.R. 16 Sep (v.o.) was well to the n. of its usual UT range.

The fall warbler flight was impressive in both states, and featured the following highlights: a Tennessee Warbler (†) at Idlewild Park, Washoe, NV, 12 Sep (TF); Nashville Warblers at 3 UT locations 27 Aug – 21 Sep (v.o.), in addition to the usual sightings in western NV; a Northern Parula banded at Numana, Washoe, NV, 24 Aug (DW, DA) and a sight record from M.R.S. 29 Sep (JB); Chestnut-sided Warblers (†) at M.R.S. 6 Sep (JB) and P.L. 22 Oct (GS); a Magnolia Warbler (†) at St. George, Washington, UT, 11 Oct (RF); single Black-throated Blue Warblers (†) at M.R.S. 19–20 Oct (JB et al.) and F.S.N.W.R. 25 Oct (TS); on top of the usual passage through NV, Townsend’s Warblers at 13 UT locations 6 Aug – 19 Nov (v.o.); a brief but strong pulse of migrant Hermit Warblers through the Carson Range, Washoe, NV, 2–16 Aug (v.o.), plus an easterly individual at Pine Park, Washington, UT, 12 Aug (JK, SS); a Black-throated Green Warbler (†) at Tonopah, Nye, NV, 18 Oct (JB); a Palm Warbler (†) at Las Vegas Wash, Clark, 14 Nov (CT et al.) and pinpointed to the expected western palmarum subspecies; Black-and-white Warblers at 2 NV and 4 UT locations 1 Sep – 23 Nov (v.o.); American Redstarts at 5 NV and 2 UT locations 29 Aug – 2 Oct (v.o.); a mini-invasion of Prothonotary Warblers (†), with NV reports from Ruby Lake N.W.R., Elko, 14 Sep (KV), I.S. 23 Sep (MPa, BrS), C.C. 24 Sep (JHe, DPo), M.R.S. 30 Sep – 1 Oct (JB et al.), and Spanish Springs, Washoe, 15 Oct (fide GS), and UT reports from Provo R. Parkway 17–19 Sep (v.o.) and Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington, 24 Sep (ph. RD); an Ovenbird at H.B.V.P. 17 Aug (CR fide CN); Northern Waterthrushes at M.R.S. 8 Aug (JB) and C.C. 7–30 Sep (MSj et al.); a rare Connecticut Warbler (†) – a forthcoming challenge for UBRC – at J.R.P., apparently present from the early date of 30 Aug (JH) until 17 Sep (DGr); and a Canada Warbler (†) banded at T.R. 22 Sep (KV).

tanagers through finches

A Summer Tanager at Dyer, Esmeralda, NV, 21 Oct (MSs, JD) was tardy, as was a northerly individual at F.S.N.W.R. 25 Oct (TS). Small flocks of American Tree Sparrows at F.B.W.M.A. 5-11 Nov (JBe, KB) were a bit early. A Clay-colored Sparrow (†) was at I.S. 10 Oct (MSs), and at least 2 were intermittently present at M.R.S. 27 Aug – 27 Oct (JB); the status of this species as a vagrant in NV is uncertain at present, and observers are urged to provide detailed documentation for all sightings. A single-observer sight record of a Field Sparrow (†) at M.R.S. 27 Oct (JB) was intriguing. A Lark Bunting (†) was reported from Tonopah, Nye, NV, 17 Sep (JB). A Grasshopper Sparrow at LaVerkin, Washington, UT, 25 Sep (RF) was unusual for s. UT, while a Le Conte’s Sparrow (†) at M.R.S. 1 Oct (ph. JP et al.) was a definite highlight for NV. A Fox Sparrow of the Canadian zaboria subspecies was found at C.C. 18 Oct (MSj). Swamp Sparrows (†) at M.R.S. 12–19 Oct (JB) seemed to involved 2 different birds, and another was seen at C.C. 9 Nov (MSj). White-throated Sparrows were noted at 3 NV locations 20 Oct – 17 Nov (v.o.), and at 3 UT locations 30 Oct – 27 Nov (v.o.). Harris’s Sparrows were reported from 5 NV locations 18 Oct – 20 Nov (v.o.) and from 3 UT locations 19 – 28 Nov (v.o.). A White-crowned Sparrow of the northwestern pugetensis subspecies at I.S. 23 Oct (ph. MSs, JD) was a surprise. Golden-crowned Sparrows were numerous in the w. NV foothills, as expected, and easterly birds were noted at 4 NV desert locations 1 Oct – 24 Nov (v.o.).

Dark-eyed Juncos of the slate-colored hyemalis subspecies were noted at 8 NV locations 18 Oct – 13 Nov (v.o.), and reports of the pink-sided mearnsi subspecies came from 6 NV locations 20 Oct – 30 Nov (v.o.). Two McCown’s Longspurs (†) were found at the Ponderosa Dairy, Nye, NV, 23 Oct (MSs, JD). In NV a Lapland Longspur was noted at M.R.S. 19–21 Oct (ph. GS et al.), and 2 were at Washoe L., Washoe, 29 Oct (TF et al.); UT reports included single birds at F.B.W.M.A. 11–18 Nov (v.o.) and near Cedar City, Iron, 19 Nov (SS), and 2 at Washington, Washington, 29 Nov (KW). Snow Buntings were reported from 3 UT locations 3–18 Nov (v.o.).

A Rose-breasted Grosbeak (†) was at Tonopah, Nye, NV, 27 Sep (SS). Single Indigo Buntings near Great Basin N.P., White Pine, NV, 26 Aug (JWo, MR) and at Antelope Island S.P., Davis, UT, also 26 Aug (KL), were at unexpected locales; meanwhile, a bird that lingered at T.R. until 20 Sep (KV) was at a more usual location. An imm. Painted Bunting (†) at Pack Creek Ranch, San Juan, UT, 7 Sep (ph. MK) would be a state first, if accepted by UBRC. A Dickcissel (†) was reported from M.R.S. 21 Sep (JB), and an imm. male was found dead at Paradise, Cache, UT, 5 Nov (AM) for a county first.

A Bobolink on the Carson R. Diversion Dam, Churchill, NV, 1 Sep (LN) was extralimital, and 2 Great-tailed Grackles at Riverview Park, Washoe, NV, 17 Oct (NB) were somewhat out of range. A northerly Hooded Oriole remained at Fallon, Churchill, NV, until 5 Aug (fide BH), and a tardy individual remained at L.V. through the end of the reporting period (BS). Reports of Baltimore Orioles (†) at T.R. 16 Aug (KV) and Tonopah, Nye, NV, 4 Sep were supported by few details. A Scott’s Oriole at S.F.R. 27 Aug (MP, LP) was northerly.

In UT both Gray-crowned and Black Rosy-Finches were noted in large numbers at 6 locations 9 Oct – 12 Nov (v.o.); in NV, the meager maxima included 9 Gray-crowned at Tonopah, Nye, 22 Nov (JB) and 3 Black also at Tonopah 22–25 Nov (JB et al.). Pine Grosbeaks were present in good numbers along the Ophir Creek Trail, Washoe, NV, 2–16 Aug, with top counts of up to 40 birds (v.o.). A female Purple Finch (†) was found in the Goshute Mts., Elko, NV, 19 Sep (DB, JL). A flock of 30 Red Crossbills descended to the desert oasis of C.C. 6 Oct (RS), 20 were at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, 27 Nov (v.o.), and an undetermined number were at Provo, Utah, UT, 7–30 Nov (v.o.). A White-winged Crossbill was a nice find at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, 14 Nov (DO), and a Lesser Goldfinch of the black-backed morph was present at C.C. 11 Aug (RS). Small flocks of Evening Grosbeaks were noted at 5 desert locations in NV 9 Oct – 9 Nov (v.o.).


Cited Observers (subregional editors in bold-face): Dawn Alvarez, Don Baccus, Joel Beyer (JBe), Kathy Beyer, Nancy Bish, John Brack, Kristie Carmichael, Ali Cheney, Brad Clemens, Traci Clemens, Rosalie Conoy, Rob Dobbs, Jon Dunn, Mary Jo Elpers, Keith Evans, Kurt Finlayson, Ted Floyd (Nevada), Rick Fridell, Shawn Goodchild, Bob Goodman, Ed Greaves, Dana Green, Beverly Harry (BHa), Jim Healy (JHe), Bill Henry, Nancy Hoffman, Jack Holley, Jody Humber (JHu), Hugh Judd, Joe Kahl (JKa), Josh Kreitzer, Michael Kutska, Tim Lenz, Kent Lewis, Jerry Liguori, Kevin Mack, Martin Meyers, Ann Mull, Larry Neel, Colby Neuman (CNe), Tom Neuman, Christina Nycek, Deedee O’Brien, Michael Patten (MPa), Don Paul, Courtenay Peddle (CPe), Cheryl Peterson, Fred Peterson, Jim Pike, Lois Ports, Mark Ports, Don Powers (DPo), Melissa Renfro, Jack Rensel, Chuck Ritter, Terry Sadler, Michael J. San Miguel Jr. (MSj), Mike San Miguel (MSs), Rick Saval, Greg Scyphers, Betty Seebeck, Becca Serdehely (BSe), Dennis Serdehely, Drucilla Seward (DSe), Dennis Shirley (DSh), Lee Shirley, Bob Showler (BSh), Brenda Smith (BrS), Margaret Smith (MaS), Michael Smith (MiS), Mark Stackhouse (Utah), Sean Stackhouse (SSt), Priscilla Summers, Steve Summers, Jane Thompson, Carolyn Titus, Julie Tuck (JTu), Robin Tuck, Paul Ustach, Mark VanderVen, Ken Voget, Jack Walters, Merrill Webb, David Wheeler (DWh), Kevin Wheeler, Tom Williams, Diane Wong, John Woodyard (JWo).


Pyramid Lake is always a great place to look for rarities in the fall, but this year stood out as especially exciting. The annual fall water bird survey, held 25 Sep this year, yielded two Red-necked Grebes, a male Surf Scoter, a Red Phalarope, a Long-tailed Jaeger and an unidentified jaeger, a mind-bending eleven Sabine’s Gulls, and uncommon (although annual) species such as Red-breasted Merganser, Sanderling, and Common Tern. Other notables on the lake this fall included additional Long-tailed Jaegers, multiple Parasitic Jaegers, a pair of Arctic Terns, a Black Scoter, and a Western Gull. We even had a "Patagonia Picnic Table Effect" (no mean feat in Nevada, with its comparative dearth of birders), with lots of observers combing the adjacent woodlands and turning up locally uncommon species such as: multiple Red-shouldered Hawks, a Northern Saw-whet Owl, at least 2 Black Phoebes, at least 2 Swainson’s Thrushes, a Varied Thrush, a Northern Parula, a Chestnut-sided Warbler, a Black-and-white Warbler, and 2 American Redstarts.