Hotline Highlights

May 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
   Mexican Mallard   Washington Co.
   Northern Parula   Washington Co.
   Orchard Oriole   Salt Lake Co.


Ryan O'Donnell (30 May 2014) - [Logan City Polishing Ponds - hightlights]:
  ... 35 American Wigeons, 2 male and 1 female Blue-winged Teal, heard 2 Virginia Rails and 11 Soras, 3 male Common Yellowthroats...

Ryan O'Donnell (26 May 2014) - [Steel Canyon - hightlights]:
   ... Cooper's Hawk, Gray and Dusky Flycatchers, Say's Phoebe (rare for Cache County), 6 Blue-gray Gnatchachers, a male MacGillivray's Warbler, a singing male Black-throated Gray Warbler, 2 Green-tailed Towhees...

Andrew Durso (24 May 2014) - [Logan City Polishing Ponds]:  2 Black Terns, "First in county for both of us. All black with white tail."

Mike Fish (22 May 2014) - [1575 Sumac Dr. - hightlights]:  ...a Calliope Hummingbird, Western Wood-Pewee, Gray Catbird...

Kendalynn Morris (10 May 2014) - [Dry Canyon - hightlights]:  .2 Chukars, 2 Hermit Thrushes,4 Black-throated Gray Warblers, 5 Lazuli buntings...

Brandon Flack (6 May 2014) - [Providence Canyon Road]:  ...two Ruffed Grouse..

Kathleen & Hal Robins (3 May 2014) - [Benson RR Trail - hightlights]: ...Red-breasted Merganser, Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Osprey, Swainson's Hawk...


Shyloh Monster (19 May 2014) - [Farmington Bay] - Big Stay Recap: The number of species was an exciting 105! (Last year was 88, and 92 in 2012.)
   --This year the raptors stole the show and provided many 'oohs' and 'awes' throughout the event. The best action was a pair of Peregrine Falcon simultaneously making kills, and a closeup male Northern Harrier in dazzling display flight. The small falcon fight was stunning as well. I didn't get to see the distant Prairie Falcon and saw one of two displaying Swainson's Hawk. Both Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle made brief appearances....
   --We saw a WHIMBREL for the third year in a row making it the ongoing banner rare bird of the event. Many Sora were calling the entire 24 hours and one flew over the hill at sunrise.... a pair of Great Egret & Cattle Egret. We didn't have to look far to see any wading birds.
   --A pair of Solitary Sandpiper were seen at Glover Ponds (thanks for the tip Paul L.) and at least one Common Tern were the other rare-ish species.... I was happy to see a pair of closeup Wilson's Warbler at dawn.  We had close calls with Black Tern and Red Knot, but they didn't make the list. I also saw a Bobolink before the official start time (for the third year in a row).
   --Finally, we could see my favorite bird, Barn Owl poking it's head out of it's nest box the entire day.

Dennis Shirley (8 May 2014) - This morning about 11:am there was a RUDDY TURNSTONE 300 yards out from the south side of the Causeway near mm #4. It was accompanied by several 100 Black-bellied Plover, Sanderling, and at least two AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER. There's lots of peeps but most are a long way out, so bring a scope if you can.

Joel Beyer (5 May 2014) - [Garr Ranch] - I spaced on reporting this bird yesterday. We saw a Clay-colored Sparrow along the road to Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co. It was feeding on the side of the road, just south of the turnoff for Frary Peak. After 30 seconds a stream of cars chased it into the brush, and we were unable to refind it.

Cindy Sommerfeld (2 May 2014) - The shore birds are arriving. Today's list includes, Red Knots, Dunlin, Snowy Plovers,American Golden Plovers and over 600 Black-bellied Plovers. Also, there are still five Surf Scoters around. The island wasn't as interesting as the Causeway. Warning - the bugs are bad. Today's species count was 68. Here's the list [hightlights]: ...Surf Scoter, ...Virginia Rail, ... Black-bellied Plover, American Golden-Plover, Snowy Plover,...Red Knot, ... Dunlin,... Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, Burrowing Owl,...Hermit Thrush, ...Northern Mockingbird,... Grasshopper Sparrow...


Joel Beyer (31 May 2014) - [Sandy, UT] - Thanks to Gail and Norm Jenson for finding and sharing the ORCHARD ORIOLE in their yard this evening. This wonderful bird was #400 for Kathy's Utah list.

Lksand11104 (28 May 2014) - Male Western Tanager Jordan River Parkway trail this morning south of 10600S.

Norm Jenson (25 May 2014) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - Lark Sparrow.

Norm Jenson (15 May 2014) - [Sandy Utah] - Backyard birds: Yummy, and totally unexpected a brand new yard bird, a Hermit Thrush, and if that wasn't enough a Yellow Warbler stopped by only the second time I've had that in the yard.

Matthew Wallace (12 MaY 2012) - I've seen a couple BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDs at my feeder and in the trees this evening. FOY.

Carolina Roa (12 May 2014) - [UofU] - Heard a Chipping Sparrow in the lawn north of the Library where the bank and student store are.

Josh Taylor (10 May 2014) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - There's a breeding male EURASIAN WIGEON in the main pond in the back part of Lee Kay (behind the gates).


Bryan Shirley (18 May 2014) - Last night I saw a BLACK TERN at the sewage ponds just south of Blanding. There were several Blue-winged Teal there as well.


Diane Penttila (22 May 2014) - [Ouray National Wildlife Refuge] -  The following birds were seen within the survey route [highlights]:  ... Blue-winged Teal,.., Ring-necked Duck,...Sandhill Crane,..., AMERICAN BITTERN,..., Red-necked Phalarope, Marbled Godwit, ..., Bald Eagle...


Milton Moody (27 May 2014) - [Provo] - At about 7:30 this morning there were 6 Band-tailed Pigeons at 2620 North and 860 East in Provo, on the wires behind the houses on the north.  I also saw them there on Saturday just before noon.

Peter Anderson (21 May 2014) - [East Bay Golf Course] - GREEN HERON. Saw it fly into the backside of the large island the fly to next island south where we got the picture.  Nice Eared and Western Grebe; a lot of Rough Wing Swallows.

Jeff Cooper (24 May 2014) - [Pleasant Grove] - Just had my first Common Nighthawk of the year fly over the road in front of me as I was turning into my neighborhood.

Suzi Holt
(19 May 2014) - [Goshen Canyon] - Yellow-breasted Chat.

Eric Peterson (19 May) - [Lehi] - I was just at Powell lake and there were two Semipalmated Plovers and a Least Sandpiper hanging out on the south side of the south lake. Lots of WF Ibis, a couple Willets and a small flock of Red-necked Phalaropes among the usuals. No long-tailed duck.

Dennis Shirley (14 May 2014) - [Goshen Fields] - This afternoon three male BOBOLINKS were seen in the north Goshen fields, Utah County. They were west of the 14000 North/North Goshen Bay intersection about 1/4 mile - same fields as last year. They show up every year between May 10-15. You can set your watch on it!

Norm Jenson (13 May 2014) - [Powell Lake] - Long-tailed Duck and Blue- winged Teal.  Phalaropes, Long-billed Dowitchers and usual assortment.

Eric Peterson (12 May 2014) - [Powell Lake] - I went over to Powell lake at about 12:30 to see if I could see the Long-tailed Duck. I was able to photograph it at the north end of the south pond. In saw some swallows I wanted to photograph and in the time I took my eyes off it, it was gone. ...I went back at 6:00 to get some better pictures and could not relocate it. There were some Wilson's and Red-necked phalaropes on the lake along with a couple of Long-billed Dowitchers, 3 Spotted Sandpipers and two Western Sandpipers.

Kay Stone (6 May 2014) - [Lehi] - I presently have a WHITE-WINGED DOVE in my backyard, 135 East  200 South,  Lehi.

Eric Peterson (1 May 2014) - I went to Highland Glenn Park this morning to do a little spring birding and had a good morning. I parked and soon after had two Evening Grosbeaks flyover my head. I then walked up and saw the continuing Lewis's Woodpecker and got a couple really good shots of it. I then walked down and saw a Black-chinned and a Broad-tailed Hummingbird battling over the same bush. I was able to photograph the Black-chinned. ... Other highlights included a bunch of Orange-crowned Warblers and Black-headed Grosbeaks.


Nancy Matro (21 May 2014) - [Heber City] - I'm currently in the fields near Potters Lane north of Heber looking at two Bobolinks.

Ned Bixler (17 May 2014) - The Bobolinks are back at Potter Lane, and the Common Grackles are back at Charleston Park.

Dave Hanscom (5 May 2014) - The warblers have returned to Jordanelle.  There were several Yellow Warblers, and I heard a Common Yellowthroat in the cattails near the south end. Nice to have spring returning!


Rick Fridell (26 May 20914) - Highlights around Washington Co. this weekend:
   --5/23 - Berry Springs Marsh - American Bittern
   --5/25 - Lytle Ranch - Swainson's Thrush; Northern Parula (singing)
   --5/26 Kolob Reservoir - Mexican Mallard intergrade
   --5/26 SR-9 Sewer Ponds (northeast pond) - Horned Grebe (breeding plumage, remaining since April)
   --5/26 Stratton Pond - Red-necked Phalarope
   --5/26 Lava Point, Zion National Park - Northern Goshawk (near ranger residence)
   --5/26 Kolob Terrace Road, Lower ZNP boundary - Cassin's Kingbird pair

Jeff Cooper (22 May 2014) - Washington County birding:
   --Tonaquint Park, St George: Western Tanager, Lesser Goldfinch, Yellow Warbler
 --Lytle Ranch: Bell's Vireo, Costa's Hummingbird, Phainopepla, Lucy's Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat
   --Gunlock Reservoir:  Western Kingbird
   --Kolob Terrace Road: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Acorn Woodpecker, Virginia's Warbler, White-breasted Nuthatch
   --Lava Point Campground: Grace's Warbler
   --Washington County:  Common Blackhawk


Paul Higgins (17 May 2014) - [Perception Park, South Fork, Weber Canyon] - Red-naped Sapsucker.

Mike Hearell (14 May 2014) - [West Weber County Playa] -  On Tuesday of last week I took a trip out to West Weber County Playa during a pretty decent storm to see what I could find. One of the first things I saw was a Long-billed Curlew flying with 8-9 ( what I assumed were ) juveniles. ...
   --Tonight, the very first place I stopped to look at, I found no fewer than 6 Whimbrel!!

Kris Purdy (10 May 2014) - My yard in Ogden, Weber County, just hosted what I think may have been a female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.

Mike Hearell (6 May 2014) - Currently 9 Semipalmated Plovers, 10 Red-necked Phalarope, Whimbrel, Blue-winged Teal, continuing Snow Goose, and many many others on West Weber Playa.


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